Welcome to Acorn Memoirs!

Do you wish to write your life story, or craft a memoir about a particularly interesting aspect of your life? Are you interested in recording your family’s history, so that your children and grandchildren feel connected to their family and to the past? Do you want to honour your parents by preserving their stories, ensuring that they are remembered, and their accomplishments valued?  Perhaps you are wondering how to get started, or are not sure how you will finish. Acorn Memoirs can help! I am based on Vancouver Island, but am available to work throughout British Columbia, and beyond, including the UK.

Personal History Services: interviewing; recordings and transcripts; preparing photographs and documents for print; supplementary research; writing, editing  to professional standards; full preparation for publication and print; efficient and friendly communication; attention to detail and timelines; an enjoyable process, and a top quality product: your beautiful book!  

Editing Services: I also provide editing services for a variety of contexts: Editing Services     

I firmly believe that everyone has stories worth telling, and that people in the future will be interested to know of our lives. Preserving your story, or the story of your family, is a gift to your family and to future generations. Family stories strengthen family bonds and connect generations, providing people of all ages with a sense of belonging.

Commissioning a memoir is a wonderful way to honour a family member. Preserving your loved one’s stories and photographs will ensure that he or she lives on in the minds and hearts of future generations.

A memoir is also a gift to the storyteller. The process of reviewing one’s life and articulating one’s experiences can be a deeply meaningful and rewarding experience. Many people find that this kind of life review helps them make sense of their lives, freeing them to face the future with a little more optimism.

I will help you craft and perfect your story to create a beautiful book that will be a pleasure to read, and will become a treasured legacy.