I am passionate about writing, history and storytelling. I am interested in the life stories of individuals: their family histories, the twists and turns of their lives, their thoughts, hopes and dreams, and their endeavours. A seasoned researcher, I enjoy researching background information to provide context for personal histories. I have done many types of writing over the years, from academic writing to fiction and poetry, blogging, article writing and book reviews. In addition, I am an experienced interviewer and editor.


In this society of ubiquitous and seemingly rapid-fire and disposable communication, mindfully preserving memories and stories in beautiful books is an aesthetic choice. It is also a way of acknowledging the intrinsic value of each individual, and of honouring the lives and accomplishments of individuals, families and communities. I truly believe that each person’s life is of inestimable value, and that in the future not only our families, but also other people, will be interested in our stories. These are the reasons I am drawn to this meaningful work.

I would be honoured and delighted to work with you on your project. Contact me for a free consultation. We will discuss what you have in mind, and then see if what Acorn Memoirs offers is a good fit. My promise to my clients is that I will provide a top-quality product, an efficient process, and a pleasant, rewarding experience.

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Contact:   dgraham@acornmemoirs.ca



Education: MEd., Memorial University; Certificate of Teacher-Librarianship, UBC; BEd.(Teaching English and history, grades 7- OAC), University of Ottawa; BA (English and philosophy), University of Victoria

Other Training: Certified Guided Autobiography Instructor