Your Book

The Memoir

The Memoir is your story, told in your voice, and combined with photographs, documents, and illustrations (such as maps and family trees) in a beautiful, professionally-designed book. Your memoir may tell your whole life story, or it may focus on just one aspect, or time period, of your life. It may also include supplemental research that enhances and illustrates the context of your story. Your story may be told chronologically, or may be shaped by  themes. The interview process and your preferences will establish the best way to shape and present your story, so that your memoir suits your story and personality.

The Family History

The Family History goes beyond your personal story and often involves interviewing more than one person. It is also more likely to include supplementary research to illustrate the context of your story. Acorn Memoirs guarantees meticulous research and fact checking, correct attribution of sources for information, quotations and images, and professional looking family trees and maps. Combined with a well-crafted story, these features lend your family history authenticity, ensuring that it captivates your readers’ interest and stands the test of time.

The Tribute or Special Occasion Book

The Tribute or Special Occasion Book honours a family member or loved one, or celebrates a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or family get-together. It may also honour a special relationship. As with a memoir, a tribute or special occasion book may take many forms, and like a family history it may involve interviewing a number of people.

The Legacy Letter

The Legacy Letter is the shortest and most affordable option offered by Acorn Memoirs. This is your chance to record your thoughts, and share your values and beliefs. It is also an opportunity to express your love for your family and friends, to make peace with yourself, and with others, and to sow the seeds of harmony for future generations. Your legacy letter is a simple, yet profound, expression of your self that you leave behind. It can range from a several page document to a booklet of 5,000 words that includes photos and illustrations. Your legacy letter will be beautifully presented on top quality paper in heirloom quality folders, or in a beautiful saddle-stitch book, with a custom-designed cover.

Book Design

Once your manuscript is fully prepared, it is time to design your book. The range of possibilities is limited only by your imagination. For many, a specially designed perfect-bound soft cover is sufficient, and this is a very affordable option. Others want a hard cover book, with thick premium-quality paper. Covers can be of linen, covered bookboard, or leather with gold-stamped lettering. Cover designs can be printed directly on to covers, or on glossy, dust jackets. The interior design of your book can be simple and elegant with specially chosen fonts and decorative elements, or it can be elaborately designed to complement the content of your book, so that the book itself is a work of art. It really depends on what you want and how much you want to invest in the end product.

Once your project starts to take shape, and we know what photos and visual elements you wish to include, it is easier to see what format works best for your project, and for your budget. Once we have determined what you want, I will present you with several  design options that best suit your project and your budget, and will show you examples. See my Portfolio page for several examples of perfect-bound books.