“I believe oral history plays an important part in preserving a family’s legacy. Being that my dad was in his 80s, I started to worry about all of the memories that would be lost if he were to pass away. I contracted Deborah to interview my dad to collect some of the important stories of his life. I’m so glad I did, as he unexpectedly passed away a few months after the transcripts were completed. Deborah was always prepared for the interviews, often doing research beforehand. She kept the discourse going in a productive direction, was professional and organized. Deborah was great at communicating with me and making sure both my dad and myself were happy with how things were progressing. I would highly recommend Deborah if you are interested in doing a memoir for yourself or a family member. Thanks for everything Deborah.”   

Leslie Scabar

“Working with Deborah to create a lasting legacy of my dad’s life story was a positive and exciting experience. Deborah was flexible and willing to adapt to different approaches to make my dad comfortable sharing his story. This was particularly reassuring during the COVID-19 pandemic. Deborah is resourceful, respectful and has a wonderful calm demeanour. We are so grateful and pleased with the results of this enduring family history.”

Brenda Charles

“Deborah made this part of my journey easier than I had ever thought it would be. She was always well-prepared and kept me on track – which isn’t always easy. Deborah is compassionate and understanding in every moment you spend with her. I am truly thankful for her time and energy in doing this project with me.”

Kim Roski

“It was a pleasure working with Deborah. She is very thorough and creative, an inspiration.”

Jane McArthur  

“The project had a very positive impact on my father’s emotional and physical health. I appreciate how accommodating you were about changing schedules and timelines.”

(daughter of client)

“I can only say that I am very impressed with your work helping me to write these memoirs. I am impressed with your comprehension of an era in Eastern Europe during two world wars, and during a brutal communist regime. I appreciate very much that you listened to our stories of long past times, and that you painstakenly researched historical backgrounds to gain a better understanding of those times. You displayed patience and spent hours and hours to put our story together in a comprehensive, easily understandable family history. Your chapters “‘Reflections”‘ and “‘Afterword” are beautifully written. Thank- you very much. Finally, I would recommend you as a memoir writer, on any continent, be it Europe or North America. I wish you all the success in your future endeavours.”

Magda Megyery (Ottawa, Ontario)

“Deborah always comes prepared. There is no, “Where were we?”!  She asks questions that are relevant and knows where we were… I would recommend her services.”

James Rear (Nanaimo, British Columbia)

“When I read the memoir created by Acorn Memoirs I knew I was “listening” to my own voice without the intrusion of a third party. For me this is the most important  test of authenticity of any memoir. But it can only occur if the “ghost” manages to get inside the character of the subject and this means that the interface between ghost and subject is crucial. In my own case I found the interviewer a sympathetic listener who correctly understood and interpreted my thoughts. The remaining hard work of assembling and producing the final work was accomplished with true professionalism.”

Charles Morrow (Brighton, England)

“I really enjoyed working with Deborah. I was immediately at my ease with her, and felt that her excellent listening skills, thoughtful approach, and avid interest brought the project to life. Her writing and editing is clear and lovely to read, and her empathy, intelligence and curiosity shine through the work she produces.”

Jennifer Cluff: jennifercluff.com

“Working with Deborah Graham was a pleasure. I found her to be an insightful writer and interviewer. She has a comfortable interviewing style with a knack for pulling forth the interesting personal parts of our lives and weaving them into the writing.  I look forward  to working with her again on another project.”

Mary Fox: maryfoxpottery.ca

“Deborah’s research skills are extensive. She is persistent and perceptive, exhibiting a fine attention to detail.  Deborah writes with clarity and purpose. She approaches her subject matter with creativity and a commitment to gaining a genuine understanding of her subject matter. Her writing style is engaging, entertaining and thoughtful.” 

Diana Mastuda (magazine editor): Matsud-onym Strategic Writing

“I was pleasantly surprised when I read the article Deborah had written about me. During the interview Deborah seemed genuinely interested in my endeavours and asked really great questions.  I felt comfortable, not feeling like I was being interviewed at all, only talking about something I was passionate about. After reading the article I was really impressed with the details Deborah picked up on me, our conversation, the surroundings and atmosphere while the interview was taking place.  I also noticed that Deborah had done some research on my product and wove this information seamlessly into the article, adding history and details that created a wonderful multi-layered article.”

Rommy Verlaan: http://www.heartsongflutes.ca/

“I was so pleased with the article that Deborah wrote about SAORI weaving and my studio and workshops on Salt Spring Island.  She came to visit the studio and ask me some questions and it was very comfortable and relaxed.  I was so surprised that she got so much out of a conversation – she obviously had also done some research.  I felt that the article really captured what I was trying to describe to her – in both feeling and accuracy.  I would be happy to work with Deborah again and would highly recommend her.”

Terri Bibby, SAORI Salt Spring (www.saorisaltspring.com)

“Deborah Graham is a dedicated, compassionate and inspiring instructor. Everyone in the group was encouraged to write his/ her history, while connecting with their own beliefs and philosophies. Deborah made each class unique by introducing poetry, song, and time for discussion, as well as short writing warm-ups. I now feel encouraged and positive about my ability to write an interesting biography to leave to my descendants.”

Edie Harrison (participant in Writing Life Stories I, and Writing Life Stories II, Ladysmith, BC)

“Your approach made it easy to put words on paper. The depth of the small group interaction was a bonus. The prompts were very helpful.”

Alan Martin  (participant in Writing Spiritual Memoir, Bethlehem Centre, Nanaimo)

“I especially liked the writing opportunities. It seemed I was ready, and it flowed. To tell the truth, I had a great day. It flowed. I learned. I had fun. Thank-you, Deborah. A most helpful “priming of the pump” for my November retreat.”

Joy Gillett  (participant in Writing Spiritual Memoir, Bethlehem Centre, Nanaimo)