The Story of Acorn Memoirs

I launched Acorn Memoirs when I finally decided to do what I love, and to make a business out of what I was already doing as a hobby. The family history book I created was in 2009. It told the life story, and some of the family history, of my father-in-law. I enjoyed the entire process, from the interviewing process to the creation of the final copy of the manuscript, and the layout of the book. It was very rewarding to see that his stories were preserved, and I was amazed at the positive effects it had for him, and for other members of his family. I was especially touched when I heard that the one of his nieces was reading the stories to her young children as bedtime stories. What a wonderful way to appreciate this great man, and have him live on in the minds and hearts of future generations.

Before long, I was working on another memoir, and I began interviewing local business people and artists, and writing profile articles. I really value the arts, and also admire the independent thinking of small business owners, so I enjoy writing this sort of article. I see this is as a life-affirming, positive sort of writing, and I like to promote the people I write about. In the process of interviewing people about their businesses, and in helping people write and publish their life stories, I was using all my skills and loving every minute of it.

Then one day, half way through a meaningful collaboration on a life story, I stumbled upon the Association of Personal Historians’ website.  “Hey, that’s what I am doing…that’s me!” I thought. This was a transformative moment for me. I joined the association and went to one of their conferences, where I met many people who were doing what I was doing – but for a living, as small business owners. Everything came together for me, and I decided to launch my own personal history business.

It took me a while to come up with a name, but when I decided upon Acorn Memoirs, I knew it was the right name for the concept of my business: the family tree, the mighty oak, the tree of life, the regenerative powers and beauty of nature… all of these concepts resonate with me and with my personal belief that life is a spiritual journey, and a great adventure.

My education and work experience, including over twenty years in the public education system, have enabled me to hone the skills I use as a personal historian. Writing, history and music are my main interests. I have done many types of writing over the years, from academic writing to fiction and poetry, to blogging, article writing and book reviews. I am passionate about history, especially social history, and the history of individuals: their family histories, the twists and turns of their own lives, their thoughts, hopes and dreams, and their endeavours. A seasoned researcher, I enjoy researching background information to provide context for personal histories.

In this society of ubiquitous and seemingly rapid-fire and disposable communication, mindfully preserving memories and stories in beautiful books is an aesthetic choice. It is also a way of acknowledging the intrinsic value of each individual, and of honouring the lives and accomplishments of individuals, families and communities. I truly believe that each person’s life is of inestimable value, and that in the future not only our families, but also other people, will be interested in our stories. These are the reasons I am drawn to this meaningful work.

I would be honoured and delighted to work with you on your project. Contact me for a free consultation. We will discuss what you have in mind, and then see if what Acorn Memoirs offers is a good fit. My promise to my clients is that I will provide a top-quality product, an efficient process, and a pleasant, rewarding experience.

Thank-you for visiting my website.

Deborah 🙂